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Cornell Introduces The Extreme 1024 High Performance Door

Cornell Iron Works is excited to announce that 1024 Performance Doors are now available! Proven to perform for over 1,000,000 cycles at 24 inches per second – 1024 Doors are 3x faster than standard coiling or overhead sectional doors!

These high powered, high speed doors are now available to you through your local Westgate dealer. They are not only fast which will increase production, but they are built to perform after thousands of cycles. Just give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have on the new 1024 High Performance Door. Our sales team is ready and waiting for your call!

Source: www.youtube.com


Garage Door Replacement Makes the Top 5 Home Improvements

Ever wonder what the best ROI is when thinking about doing a home renovation? With the summer season on its way, I’m sure there are a lot of home owners out there right now debating this very question. According to an article posted in the DASMA magazine replacing your garage door has once again made the top 5 list of best home improvements to make on your home.

In the survey conducted by the Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com), they compared 34 common home improvement projects, and found replacing a garage door offers one of the “biggest bangs for your buck”. They found the cost was much lower when compared to other home improvement projects, but at the same time provides a greater return on investment and a boost in the curb appeal of your home.


In the 2014 report, an upscale garage door replacement ranked number 2 out of 13 upscale projects, and mid-range garage door replacements ranked 4th of 22 mid range projects.

According to the report, your ROI on an upscale garage door replacement would be approximately 82.9%. That is an amazing number considering; if you were to build a garage from scratch you would lose approximately 1/3 of your investment. Of all projects that cost less than $5,000 a garage door replacement ranked #2 and #3 on the list of projects for your home which deliver the most value at the time of resale. Ranked #1 was a mid- range (steel) front door.

When you think about it your garage door is about six times more visible than your front entry door, and commands more space when someone is looking at your home from the curb. And the curb appeal impact is even greater when that garage door is an upscale door and not a mid- level door.

So many houses these days have their garages located to the front of the home, and ends up being a large part of the exterior of the home, so this is the perfect way to give the front of your home a facelift without breaking the bank. An upgraded garage door is the perfect way to add curb appeal and value to your home.


How cold weather affects your garage door
Winter is typically the time of year when most people want to park in their garage. Whether you are dealing with rain, snow or just freezing temperatures, having the option of keeping your car inside is a luxury and very convenient.

As temperatures drop below zero, people may not think about their garage door and what effects the weather may have on their door. Being that your garage door is the largest moving part of your home, when your garage door is not maintained by either the homeowner or a professional it can fail at the most inconvenient of times.

During the wet winter months the weather can affect your garage door. For example, if you have a wood door, the increase in rain and humidity can cause your door expand. If the door and the frame of the house are exposed to the elements they will both absorb moisture. When the door and framing start to expand the clearance that is left between the two decreases, thus causing the door to start rubbing or jam up when it is being used.

In addition it is important to keep your rain gutters clean to avoid run over water which can splash onto the door and hit the area in front of the door. This can pose a problem once temperatures dip below zero, causing the bottom of your garage door to freeze close. Most times when this happens, unknowingly the person will go out to open their garage and when they push the button on their opener, the door will not open. The only way now to open the door is to melt the ice.

Garage door openers can also react to the change in weather. Some of the moving parts of the opener are lubricated with different products. These lubricants can change consistency with the change in weather. The adjustment that makes the opener stop and reverse if it hits something is known as the sensitivity. If the sensitivity is set to light the cold grease can thicken and cause the motor to think the door is hitting something. There are various types of garage door openers. The most common types are belt, screw and chain drives. All of the different types have their own maintenance schedules. Refer to your owner’s manual before performing any maintenance to ensure you are using the right products.

Maintenance should be performed on the typical garage door twice a year. Refer to your owner’s manual for the door and the opener prior to lubricating or making any adjustments. Consider scheduling a professional to come out for a service call once a year at that time a technician can perform the more complicated and dangerous adjustments like torsion springs. The technician should be able to show you the basic maintenance tasks that you can do yourself until your next service call.


Your garage, an extension of your home

Many of us are in need of more space in our homes. The thought of trying to afford a new home is impossible for many families out there, so how about revamping an existing space in your home into a multi-functional space, and I’m not talking about a whole home remodel or pricey addition. I’m talking about your garage that’s piled with stuff you never use or forgot you had.

The first step is to go through all of your items in the garage and organize it into appropriate bins and shelving. Installing cabinets and shelving in the garage will not only help you organize everything, but will make it easier to find things when you need them. All of your unwanted items can either go to a local second hand store, or you can hold a garage sale and make some unexpected money.

Now that you have space in your garage you can decide what you would like to use the space for. Anything from a games room, man room, office, play room, movie theater, gym or recreational room. Another great option is if you have teen children this can be a great place for them and their friends to hang out, play games, and watch TV without being too far away from home.

The warmer months of the year is when this space will be utilized the most, and that’s when our bug friends are out in full force, which can put a damper on many summer activities. My recommendation is to use a Bug Barrier, which is a screen door that slides down behind your garage door when the main door is open. The screen doors can be broken up into two or three sections and models are available which have doors built in so entering and exiting the garage is no problem. There are many options available in terms of colour selection, so matching the existing colour of your garage or exterior is a possibility.

The Bug Barrier is a great product and helps to maximize the existing garage space you already have without having to complete costly additions or renovations. By installing this product you have instantly made a new room where you never thought you could. The options and ideas are endless. Share your ideas and makeovers with us we would love to hear your success stories.


Bug Barriers are also available for Commercial applications. Some of the commercial benefits include:


- Keep out insects and birds while improving sanitation areas by having a controlled environment
- Helps meet FDA/AIB requirements
- Helps keep the plant facility cooler - offers 65% shade
- Improves ventilation- aids in employee comfort which will lead to increased productivity
- Allow daylight and outside air in while providing a safe and secure barrier that will deter unwelcome visitors.
- Readily installed on dock doors, dumpster areas, and warehouse openings
- Bug Barriers are ideal for food processing, packaging and manufacturing facilities.



Noisy garage door? What to do and who can help!
Do you have an annoyingly loud garage door that disturbs not only you and your family but also the whole neighbourhood? Here are some common causes that a professional door installer can identify and fix in one simple visit.

When identifying reasons why your garage door is the loudest on the block, your installer will look at the type of door you have as this will have a direct effect on the amount of noise it makes when being opened and closed. Wood and non-insulated steel doors tend to be noisier than insulated steel doors. In addition, doors with upgraded heavy gauge hinges and nylon coated ball bearing rollers help to reduce noise and provide for smoother operation.

They will then have a look at the rollers on your door to determine if they are the problem. Metal rollers operating on metal tracks tend to create a lot of noise. Replacing steel rollers with nylon rollers will bring the noise level down considerably. Nylon rollers are not only quieter than metal rollers, but also require less lubrication and maintenance. Lubricating moving metal parts twice a year will also keep your door running smooth and quiet. To keep your door running at its best, ask your technician to show you the best way to lubricate your door.

LiftMaster Home
Next, they will look at your operator. If you have an automatic door opener, what kind of drive does it use to operate? If yours has a metal chain like ones found on bicycles, this could be the culprit of your noisy garage door. A simple upgrade to an opener that uses a steel reinforced rubber belt could be the solution to the problem.

Another contributor to noise and vibrations can be loose or worn parts of the garage door or the track it runs on. Hinges, springs, and fittings need to be secured and adjusted properly and be well lubricated. Having a professional come in and have a look at your door is recommended because they are knowledgeable and have the expertise to solve any issues for you immediately. They will ensure parts and fitting are in suitable working order, in addition to operating safely and efficiently.


Tips on choosing the right door or overhead door for your home or business.

Homes across the country all have some kind of door system enclosing their homes. Doors and overhead doors protect all your personal belongings, so protecting them with a high quality product is essential. When choosing the right product for your home you have to remember some key aspects.


Tip 1: What are the requirements of the door or overhead door?


What are you using the door for? Is the door for residential or commercial purposes, this will make a difference in the type of door you are choosing. Sizing will also come into play in this category and depending on the size of your current door there may be options to have multiple doors in the space.


Tip 2: How often are you using it?

If you are using the door on a daily basis for residential use, a different door will be needed opposed to commercial grade doors, which are heavy duty and are built to withstand daily wear and tear.

Tip 3: What is the climate like where you live?


What are the weather conditions in your area? If you live in an area where it rains a lot during the winter months you are probably going to need a door or overhead door that repeals water away from the door. Whereas if you live up north you are going to need a heavy-duty door which will withstand the snow and wind of the harsh northern climate.


Tip 4: How would you like it to look aesthetically?


Deciding on the look of your door or overhead door is most likely the most exciting part of buying a new one. Dealers have catalogs of all finishes we offer, ranging from aluminum, steel and wood. The shape and size of panels and windows are options buyers have to keep in mind as well. We have a large range of products, sure to fit the style and look of your current home so the new door doesn’t look like it wasn’t the original.


Our dealers are very knowledgeable and will have answers to all your questions and concerns when choosing the right door or overhead door for your home or business. They will be able to provide you with samples of product so you will be able to see and choose all of the options available.


Specifying Overhead and Coiling Doors.

See Richard Sivertsen from Westgate Door Industries article in Construction Canada Magazine.

"The article printed in Construction Canada Magazine (a publication for Construction Specifications Canada - CSC) was born out of years reading written specifications and viewing drawings; amplifying some of the concerns I experienced in putting bids together from the Project Documentation (Tender Documents). As a long term member of CSC where I took my two years training at night school to apply for my designation referred to as CTR (Certified Technical Representative) I have always been concerned with the design team that researches data on manufacturers products within our industry; their interpretation of the buildings environment, clients’ needs and their expectations of a particular product. Still today there is a great need for that sector of the construction industry to have input from us who are directly involved in the selling of these products to enable them to make clear judgements on what should be included in a specification and to ensure that the designers combine this knowledge in plotting their architectural drawings.”


Any one of us can be of help in this regard; it helps in understanding the designers/specification writers side of the equation and often times spending time in writing these types of articles for various trade publications is a way to communicate that you are available to do so.


See full article here:



Curb Appeal - The other great upgrade

In renovation we are aware of the basic tenements that if we renovate the kitchen and the bathrooms we have a much easier time selling and getting that cost back out of the house. In terms of investing in your home to get a return these are sound principles however one of the most over looked aspect of home renovations is curb appeal. The reason curb appeal is often looked over in favour of interior renovations is often cost, it can very expensive to replace siding with stucco or vice versa, it can be very expensive to replace your front door, what is amazing is how inexpensive it can be to transform your garage door for very little cost!


You would expect to read that on a garage door website’s blog but it is the truth! The garage door on a front drive garage home is often the least expensive thing a home owner can replace. You can replace the current door with something very similar to what you already have or you can upgrade to really give your home a wow factor.


Recently Truman homes in Calgary has adopted the wow factor philosophy, they could have put on steel flush doors on their contemporary housing but instead have gone with Aluminum, and the look is incredible!

truman homes

There are other ways you can upgrade your door as well, Homes By Avi has sold out in “The Enclave”, a project we are very proud to be part of. You be the judge but imagine these doors below as white panel doors and the visual is not the same. When homeowners and builders are focused on end product with great curb appeal this is the result.


For instance this Shane Home, which is currently up for quick possession in the Strathcona area of Calgary has a “Therma-Classic” Door on it. This door comes in a variety of carriage styles, provides great “R-Value” (we’ll pot about R-Value later!) and is an automatic upgrade on your curb appeal.


Avoiding Service Calls!

Overhead garage doors are in essence a moving wall, more technical and potentially more dangerous than almost any other part of your home. It is always recommended you call a professional to adjust and service your door as it is needed, we recommend at least once a year for general maintenance. Some issues are very safe and easy to deal with however, here is a common issue you can take care of safely that might save you some unnecessary service fees.

One of the most common service calls we get is for garage doors not going down. There can be many causes for this, some of which will require a repair technician but there are some that are very easy to diagnose and deal with. If you can hold down your opener wall station, located by the man door of your garage, and the door will close all the way the chances that this is a photo cell issue are very high. Photo cells (commonly known as photo eyes) are the little black boxes at the bottom of the track, these emit a cone of light that tell the opener to close because nothing is there or if the light is not being received it tells the opener to not close as there might be a car, pet or infant in the way. These cells are for your safety and the general safety of operation for the door and the door will not function if they are not working correctly in residential doors.

Luckily this issue is very easy to resolve! Most openers have photo cells that have an amber light and a green light. These should always be solid, if they are not or are flickering then you have to adjust your photo cells. The cells often are knocked out of alignment and simply need to be manual pointed at one another, do not worry if they are not exactly 4” off the floor, the light they emit is not a beam, it is a cone. Once aligned the cells will show solid lights and your door will function correctly.

LiftMaster Home
In other cases photo cells are simply covered with dirt, mud or even floating debris like plastic bags, simply remove these blinders and again you will have a working door in seconds! In some instances natural light can blind the photo eyes, much as it is hard for you to look into the sun, so it is for the photo cells. Typically this problem is difficult to predict as it usually occurs when leaving/coming to/from your house at the same time every day during a certain period of the year. One home remedy might be to shade the photo eyes during this period.

If you have tried all of these and your door still won’t close normally do not hesitate to call us or a local professional to deal with this, as mentioned overhead doors can be dangerous! You can find local professionals easily on line and it is always recommended you ask a few questions such as:

Do they carry the standard 2 million in liability? Do they have WCB coverage?
Do they belong to a local home builder or professional organization?
How much will it be and can they provide a written quotation, with documentation of the above?


What you need to know about maintaining your garage

Does my garage door require periodic maintenance? Yes, all garage doors require maintenance. We recommend a brief monthly routine as well as a comprehensive yearly maintenance routine:


1. Each month give a visual inspection of all parts of your door. Ensure tracks, rollers and hinges are clean and lubricated.


2. All moving parts should be free of debris and all nuts and bolts should be at least finger tight.

3. Manually run your door through a complete cycle to make sure it runs smoothly.


4. Check the door balance by opening the door manually; the door should stay open by itself at about 3-4 feet off the ground. It should also stay open at the top, not dropping below the header.


5. If you suspect any excessive wear, damage or any other problem, contact a professional door dealer for servicing.


6. We recommend that your comprehensive annual maintenance check be done by a professional. They will do a complete check of your door system including the torsion spring balance.


Door Replacement on your home offers great resale value!

Door-replacement projects and their cost-value ratio is an above-average 71.6% according to the “Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report 2011-12. Their national data compares the average cost for 35 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale.

LiftMaster Home
Curb appeal of your home clearly plays a part on the resale value for both the midrange and the upscale projects. Their data shows that a garage door replacement for upscale projects is ranked as the 2nd project that recoups the most of its cost when a home is sold at 71.1%. In regards to midrange projects, a garage door replacement is 4th at a very competitive average to other remodeling projects. The reasons for these high rankings are simple. They are among the least expensive projects in the survey, and they improve curb appeal in a way that can affect a potential buyer’s first impression and, consequently, a home’s resale value.

Source: www.remodeling.hw.net/2011/costvsvalue/national.aspx


LiftMaster Introduces new Products and Technology

Today’s modern homeowners are demanding more from their house hold devices than ever before and LiftMaster has responded with a line of smarter garage door openers and gate access systems. Leading the charge in bringing smarter, faster and more convenient access systems to market that fit consumers’ growing needs for technology built for their lifestyles. At the recent 2012 IDA Expo, LiftMaster showcased the ever-growing family of LiftMaster products with MyQ™ technology, the new patented two-way communication system that enables homeowners to control, monitor and operate the home’s largest

LiftMaster Home
access points from anywhere in the world. LiftMaster offers three residential garage door openers with MyQ technology. The 8550 Belt Drive and 8360 Chain Drive units are both equipped with the patented new technology as well as Battery Backup System, which continues to serve the 70 percent of homeowners who rely on the garage door as the front door of the home. This opener provides seamless access even during a power outage, for an additional 20 full cycles on standby power. This year, LiftMaster also introduced an additional Belt Drive unit (model 8350) that is Battery Backup Capable, providing dealers with a unit that can be equipped with a battery post-market, opening up additional revenue streams for dealers.

See our LiftMaster page for more information


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04/01/2014 Therma Elite Door Introducing another new innovative product from Northwest Door. We have combined our time-proven Therma Tech II steel insulated garage door with a new precision made wood composite overlay.

04/01/2014 Spring Spectacular!! Westgate Entrematic is proud to present a spring special on Commerical Spring Snakes and Residential Springs for the month of April. For a complete list of our spring selection see our newly re-designed Parts Price Book.

17/03/2014 Parts Price Book We are pleased to introduce our newly designed comprehensive hardware parts price book. This price book will supersede the “Parts and Accessories” section in your current price book.

13/03/2013 Cornell Parts Program Westgate Entrematic is proud to announce our new Rolling Door Parts Program. Entrematic is now a Cornell Ironworks (CIW) ‘Service Star Dealer’ with the ability to provide a wide range of rolling door parts to the commercial / industrial door industry in Western Canada.

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