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For All Amarr Traditional Steel Collections

The choice is yours. Add visual interest to your contemporary, mid-century modern or transitional home. With Mosaic Window Options you decide the number and location of windows to create the door design you want. Just like your home, your garage door should be a reflection of your personal style.

  1. 1. Choose the Amarr traditional collection based on your safety, energy efficiency and durability needs: Olympus, Heritage, Stratford or Lincoln
  2. 2. Choose the panel design that complements the exterior of your home: Short, Long, Flush or Ribbed Panel
  3. 3. Create your door design with short or long panel windows, clear or obscure glass, in any door location*
*Windows can be placed in any standard position on any section of an Amarr traditional steel door.

Mosaic Window Options Design Ideas

Short or long panel windows with clear, obscure, frost or dark tint glass, placed in any standard position* on any section of an Amarr traditional steel door. – For more design inspirations visit the Style Guide page for Heritage, Lincoln, Olympus or Stratford traditional steel collections.

*Window design options may vary based on door width