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Wind Load Garage Doors

You don't have to compromise style for preparedness.  Practically every door that Amarr offers is available with a wind load reinforcement system to withstand high-wind conditions.  Amarr Wind Load garage doors look identical from the outside and are engineered to meet local building codes on the inside.  Simply choose the door style that is right for you and Amarr's authorized garage door dealers/installers will handle the rest. 
Although the strength of garage doors is a significant concern in high-wind conditions, many people simply are not aware of the need for reinforced garage doors.  Amarr’s desire is to help people know how to prepare for severe weather.  You are responsible to choose the appropriate wind load product to meet or exceed your local building code with the assistance of your builder and garage door dealer.
"Wind pressure is often the most devastating culprit in a hurricane. A category 3 hurricane with winds of 130 mph exerts pressures equivalent to the weight of a typical family car on a two-car garage door."
— Dr. Steve Lyons, Hurricane Expert, The Weather Channel
FACT:  About 80% of residential wind damage starts with wind entry through the garage door.1
FACT:  Less than 30% of homes in hurricane prone areas have adequate garage door wind load reinforcement systems.2
FACT:  Fewer than 50% of consumers in hurricane prone areas know that their garage doors are required to meet building code criteria for wind pressures.2

DASMA Wind Load Calculator ASCE7-05
DASMA Wind Load Calculator ASCE7-10
Calculated values are for preliminary design purposes only.
Final responsibility lies with a registered design professional.
FACT:  Winds can stay above hurricane strength many miles inland.  Hurricane Hugo (1989) battered Charlotte, North Carolina—about 175 miles inland—with gusts to near 100 mph.3
For decades, coastal and inland residents alike have taken precautions when they see the “red flag,” signaling an impending hurricane.  They wisely heed the warning of this familiar beacon and prepare their homes for high wind conditions. But many homeowners fail to take the crucial extra step needed to prepare their homes – reinforcing their garage door, the largest opening in a home and a likely entry point for potentially devastating wind. Experts state that if garage doors fail, high winds can enter homes through the garage and blow out doors, windows, walls, and even the roof.1
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National Weather Service.
Wind load options are available for most Amarr garage door collections. Simply look for the wind load icon wind load garage doors in the Door Builder section for each collection.  Find collections with wind load options; wind load specification details also available  in the Amarr Hurricane Rated brochure.